About us

This was the first meeting we had after officially becoming a Non-Profit Organization. From bottom left (Chloe, Judy, Roxanne, Kellie, Davyd, Jenny)
Someone asked me the other day where the name TealFest came from. It’s actually pretty simple, Teal is the colour for Ovarian Cancer and Fest represents a music festival. Most of the original (and current) group of volunteers were either musicians or related somehow to the music community. When we decided to raise money for Ovarian Cancer research we went with what we knew…music. 
So, TealFest is a non-profit organization created to raise funds for research and awareness of Canada’s most fatal women’s disease — ovarian cancer. The dedicated volunteers who support TealFest work diligently to raise funds to support this worthy cause in a variety of ways including online auctions, eWaste events etc. All of the funds raised stay in Ottawa, and are donated to the Vanderhyden Laboratory at the Ottawa Hospital. Dr Vanderhyden is the Corinne Boyer Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research. More information is available at http://www.ohri.ca/profile/vanderhydenlab/profile

Ovarian cancer takes the lives of five Canadian women every day. There is no screening for ovarian cancer, and its symptoms are vague and often go undetected and undiagnosed.


Kellie and Judy – this was the first TealFest stage getting setup. Special thanks goes to Ottawa Special Events for their great employees.

Angela, Lea and Leesa were some of our first volunteers for TealFest.

Jenny is our Jack (or Jen) of all trades. Here she is selling 50/50 tickets before an Ottawa Champions Game to raise money for TealFest.

Wendy is our volunteer coordinator when she’s not singing and helping us to promote the cause!